the 90-year-old lover

He calls himself The 90-Year-Old Lover. And it’s a fitting moniker. He is a lover of stories, philosophy, probing questions, irreverence, and of course, women. He lives by Socrates’ famous dictum, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” His goal is to laugh everyday – bonus points if he can also make a woman blush. His vocabulary will put yours to shame.

I invite you into my unlikely friendship with The 90-Year-Old Lover. These photographs were taken in his home in the fall of 2015. In these moments, The 90-Year-Old Lover marvels at how much he is still learning about himself, muses on the ridiculousness of aging, and gleefully makes me squirm with frank questions about my sex life (and tales of his own).

My intent is for these images to celebrate my friend’s youthful spirit, his mission to rattle cages, and his sincere quest for a deeper understanding of himself and others  – bonus points if they inspire you to stay curious, be a little naughty, and never stop growing.

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